2 new assets IMX and ENS

New listing Bitvavo IMX and ENS

One of the most common requests the Bitvavo crew get from users is to add additional assets to the Bitvavo platform, thus they continue to put a lot of effort into doing so. In fact, they introduced well over 100 assets to our platform in the last year alone, giving there members a wide range … Read more

What is the best Crypto Trading Bot?

Wat is de beste crypto trading bot van 2022

An exchange, on which an amount of euros is available for trading. The trader can only change the currency composition of the account (exchange euros for crypto currency and vice versa) with your permission. For example Bitcoin/Euro – Euro/Bitcoin). The trader can transfer currency to a third-party account. Only you can do that. This means … Read more

Bitvavo vs Binance: What are the differences between Bitvavo and Binance?

Bitvavo Vs Binance

Bitvavo vs Binance, which trading platform is better? Bitvavo and Binance are two crypto trading platforms with very different approaches. Bitvavo is a Netherlands-based exchange that is very accessible and offers a simple interface for beginners with limited transaction types. Binance, on the other hand, particularly supports advanced users and offers international traders hundreds of … Read more

Bitvavo advanced explanation

Hoe werkt Bitvavo geavanceerd? Bitvavo advanced uitleg.

If you want to trade crypto currencies on Bitvavo, we have an extensive Bitvavo advanced explanation for you here. Bitvavo is a Dutch crypto exchange where you can trade from fiat money to crypto and from crypto to crypto. Besides the well-known Bitcoin, Bitvavo supports more than 175 other crypto currencies. So if you mainly … Read more

What is Bitvavo and how does Bitvavo Work?

What is Bitvavo?

How does Bitvavo work? If you have just discovered the Bitvavo trading platform, this is an obvious question. The Bitvavo trading platform is extremely popular in the Netherlands. In a very short time, the exchange has become the most used platform for buying and selling crypto currencies. This is not surprising, because Bitvavo has a … Read more